Shanghai Pudong Airport

A collaboration to be proud of. Lumosa put Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the energy-efficient spotlight. This airport in China connects as many as 120 million (!) passengers to the rest of the world every year. Curious to find out more about the Lumosa x Shanghai Pudong Airport collaboration? We are happy to show you how we realised this project. The sky is the limit!

Terminal 3

Shanghai Pudong Airport is the first major airport in China to make the move to energy-efficient LED lighting. A bull's eye when you're talking about a sustainable investment that also contributes to a better future.

Covering some 622,000 square metres, the terminal has space for 83 ramps and 125 aircraft parking positions. The extent of our collaboration? More than 2,000 LED fittings were installed on masts as tall as 30 metres. So the sky is never the limit.

CN Shanghai Airport LED Lighting Industry Installation Check

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