Damen Shipyard Vlissingen

From conventional lighting to LED lighting. Damen Shipyard in Vlissingen (DSV) was only too happy to make the move to energy savings and quality. This successful family business has been building and renovating ships and mega yachts since 1927. They provide maritime solutions through design, shipbuilding, ship repair and more. Their payoff "becoming the most sustainable and connected shipbuilder in the world" naturally includes sustainability in the sense of creating a pleasant and, above all, safe workplace. We are only too happy to contribute to that with our LED lighting.

LED's innovate.

The old lighting in the loading dock, yard and welding shed were in dire need of replacement. For Damen, two things were important in this regard: energy savings and long product life. How could we guarantee that? By first gaining an understanding of energy consumption and, based on that, estimating where energy could be saved. Based on this deep-dive, we created a plan. Better light distribution allowed the light intensity to be reduced. The result is efficiency in saving energy. In addition to having a long lifespan, Lumosa's LED industrial lights require virtually no maintenance. You can imagine: This, too, ultimately contributes to substantial savings. Win-win.

NL Damen Shipyards LED Lighting Industry Boat Side view.png (1)

Ocean of possibilities

The construction hall at Damen is incredibly high. This poses a challenge for lighting (including LED) to actually reach the ground evenly. With a customised lighting plan, we were able to ensure that the light was directed downward in a narrow beam to still achieve the right light intensity. The workspace is well lit, without scattering and with good visibility. An 'ocean of possibilities', as Damen itself likes to call it.

NL Damen Shipyards LED Lighting Industry Hall


Curious to find out what Lumosa can do for your industrial hall or site? We look forward to hearing all about your plans around LED lighting!