LED lighting sport | padel courts outdoor Spa Zuiver Hotel


We all love a game of padel.

The essence of light

Colours come out stronger and movements are perceived better. Lumosa LED lighting uses the latest technology for an optimal light display. 

LED lighting sport | padel luminaire Z.T.C. Shot Zeist

Highlight your performance

Our products excel in efficiency, sustainability and user-friendliness. We designed the Piazza CS pro series especially for both indoor and outdoor padel courts.


The 4 LED modules contain asymmetrical lenses to ensure an even and homogeneous light onto your court. For padel courts, the light posts are relatively low. Which means Lumosa focussed her innovation glare. The luminaires are closer to the court, making it oh so tricky to ensure the players aren't blinded by the lights. The special lens we designed just for this purpose takes care of all of that.


For indoor, proper heat management of the luminaires is important to maintain the high quality of the LEDs. Our luminaires have a optimal thermal design: they are armoured with cooling plates and fins, plus contain of high quality aluminium to keep cool. 


Every lighting design is custom-made. Lumosa uses a different combination of lenses, depending on the specific light requirements, surroundings, field dimensions and the specifications of your light post. Lumosa ensures the best light due to our innovative luminaire and precise lighting design. Ensuring beautiful and even light, without light scattering. Performance and joy are once again at the forefront. 

LED lighting sport | padel court outdoor Spa Zuiver Hotel

The optics are specially designed

for padel. The asymmetric lenses

ensure even light without glare or scattering

LED lighting sport | padel court Spa Zuiver Hotel


Lumosa sports lighting can be controlled with both a switch and the smart LumosaTouch application. Switch your courts on and off quickly or dim the lights to reduce unnecessary burning hours and save up on energy.


LED lighting sport | padel outdoor reflection Z.T.C. Shot Zeist


  • Choose which court to light up
  • Switch between modes: Game | Training | Walk | Off
  • Plan training sessions and matches in the planner or link to reservation systems  
  • Assign various levels of authorisation to trainers or volunteers
  • View your energy consumption in one overview
  • Link with other systems, like irrigation or access
Lumosatouch LED lighting sports | desktop view with power consumption of the Lumosa lights

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