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Area Lighting

Stand out in the dark. 

Safety first

Create a safe workspace for your employees. Uniform lighting guarantees high visibility and an optimal work environment. Link an astronomic clock or motion sensors for an autonomic lighting system. Reassuring your business will meet the latest sustainability and energy saving requirements.


  • Greatly reduced energy consumption (up to 70%)
  • White, bright and uniform lighting
  • Natural colour rendering
  • Low maintenance
  • Meet the latest environmental regulations
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Outdoor lighting solutions

Lumosa developed a range of products for all your outdoor needs. Even light distribution, reduction of energy consumption and minimalisation of light pollution are key focus points. With high efficiency and state-of-the-art optics, our luminaires are at the frontend of the field.

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Reduced energy consumption

Our engineers have a vast knowledge on lighting design, conversion electronics, mechanics and software. Assuring you will get a the latest LED technology.


By switching from conventional to LED lighting, you are taking an important step towards greater sustainability. You will immediately save up to 70% on energy and meet the latest environmental requirements. 

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