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Industrial Lighting

Save energy, increase safety.

The power of LED lighting

We have the solution for you. Personalised lighting designs and custom-made luminaires guarantee the best light for optimal working conditions. Why choose LED lighting for your company?


    • Greatly reduced energy consumption (up to 70%)
    • White, bright and uniform lighting
    • Natural colour rendering for facades and areas
    • Adjustable light levels
    • Minimal light pollution and glare
    • A long lifespan
    • Meet the latest environmental regulations
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Let's get to work

Lumosa designed the Spectra Pro and Astra Pro series especially for indoor and outdoor industrial areas. The series comprise of a great range of LED luminaires. We always have the perfect fit for your indoor and outdoor premises. 


The Spectra Pro series is perfect for large outdoor industrial areas. The luminaires contain LED modules, which are individually aligned to ensure an even and homogeneous light distribution.


The Astra Pro series are developed for indoor applications. Heat management of the luminaires is important to maintain the high quality of the LEDs. Our luminaires have a optimal thermal design. They are armed with the latest cooling techniques.

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Why choose Lumosa?

Our engineers have a vast knowledge on lighting design, conversion electronics, mechanics and software. Assuring you will get a top-notch customised lighting solution. 


Lumosa uses a different combination of lenses, depending on the specific light requirements, surroundings, area dimensions and specifications. Lumosa ensures the best light with innovative luminaires and precise lighting designs for an evenly lit workspace without light scattering.


LumosaTouch increases efficiency and ease. Link sensors to your lighting for an autonomic system. Make sure your business meets the latest sustainability and energy saving requirements.

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