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It makes our coffee. It transports us, it supports us. Energy is essential in our lifes. 


The energy transition is upon us, whether we want it or not. We need to find new ways to use energy. Lumosa thinks out of the box and guides you into the a more sustainable future. Our products excel in effeciency, sustainability and userfriendliness. 



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A change will come

The depletion of our fossil fuels looming around the corner... This causes, among many things, a steep increase of the gasoline prices wherever we go. This increase will stay as is, until the fossil reserves are completely dried up.


Additionally, people are becoming more aware of the carbon footprint they leave on the earth’s surface and the role they play in the effect carbon dioxide has on the ozone layer protecting the earth’s population.


Many people have already made the transition to hybrid or fully electric cars to reduce both the cost of the resources that fuel our cars and the size of our footprint.


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Some advantages

Shrink your footprint

As is well known, the use of combustion engines and the use of fossil fuels leads to high CO2 emission, which is harmful to the environment and the ozone layer protecting the earth’s inhabitants. With the use of an electric vehicle, you will take a large step in reducing your carbon footprint and towards achieving zero emission.

Charge without additional charges

When charging at home or at work, you will only have to account for the cost of the charged energy. Home-charging and work-charging are therefore simply the cheapest forms of charging. Thought the availability of charging stations and their demand will affect the cost of public charging, this will have no effect on your own charging station. If you have solar panels, you may even charge for free! The investment of purchasing your own EV charger will provide a return on your investment in no time and will even increase your property’s value. 


If your day-to-day travel distance does not exceed the battery range of your electric vehicle, it is likely that you’ll never have to wait until your car is refuelled or recharged anymore. No more low-battery anxiety. No more having to plan your route based on the battery level left at the start of your travel. No more having to wait for an available charging station at a charging park.

Innovative design

Lumosa develops durable and innovative EV chargers of unparalleled quality. Our engineers bring sustainability and functionality together in one premium product. 


Charge the way you like with our smart application. Get ready for the future of EV charging and adjust the amount of sockets, phases or power. 


NL Lumosa HQ Energy Business EV Charger With Car Wheel

Need help?

Questions about our EV chargers? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

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These terms are used when calculating the (maximum) capacity of a charging station. The charging capacity is the multiplication of the voltage and amperage used. The voltage has the unit Volts [V] and the amperage is given in Amps [A].

To calculate the charging power, multiply the voltage used [V] by the amperage [I]. The result, the power, is expressed in Watts [W]. A standard Dutch installation generally uses 230 V while it can usually supply a maximum of 16 A per end group. 

How can you calculate the power?
You have a charging station that works with 230 V (Volts) and a maximum current of 16 A (Amps). The maximum power (also called the charging capacity) is then 230 x 16 = 3680 W (Watts).

Load balancing ensures that the power of the charging station is adjusted to the remaining consumption in your home or business. All other electrical devices are given priority and the remaining capacity is used to charge the car. This ensures that your installation is not overloaded and prevents all the associated problems.

So choose a charge station with load balancing to make optimal use of your power connection while charging as quickly as possible. Both the Lumosa charge stations for private and business use are made suitable for load balancing. Load balancing is part of a wide range of features called smart charging. For us, smart charging means making smart use of the power available in your home or business in a variety of ways. 

To promote electric driving, in many countries there are incentives for switching to electric mobility: financial incentives, tax savings or bureaucratic advantages. 

Each country has its own advantages. View the current regulations by country selection or ask fo advise.